Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A little something for the children

Children and food colouring is not something I usually enjoy. I have three children myself, the eldest of which is very sensitive to colours in foods. As such, the only food colourings we use in our products are those which are 100% natural. As you can see, they don't lose any of their vibrancy for not being artificial.

Today I am showing you our Rainbow Cupcakes. They will be available to buy individually or by the half dozen - you will receive one of each colour. As seen in the picture, they come in red, yellow, pink, green, orange and blue. Each cupcake consists of vanilla sponge covered with buttercream, and dotted with a single matching sugared chocolate.

We will be showcasing more of our child-friendly cakes in the near future.

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Don't forget we go live on June 1st. We will have our full menu available shortly, and will begin taking orders two weeks before launch day!

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